John Upham Player Stats

Player History/Background

  • Born the afternoon of 12-29-1941, John Upham (a.k.a 'None') showed a propensity for the ballgame.
  • From his hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, he is a Capricorn.
    • John Upham did not attend an university.

Player Statistics

Bat Handedness: Left
Throws (L/R): Left
  • John Upham stands at 6'00'', weighing about 180 pounds (81.81 kilograms).

MLB Draft/Playing History

* Note: Prior to 1965, major league baseball did not use a drafting system.
Drafted to the MLB: Not Applicable
Upham's first game: 04-16-1967 (Age 25)
Upham's last game: 09-25-1968